A Tool for Kayakers
The KAYAKLOG application just needs to be activated on the smartphone and while you are rowing and enjoying nature, it creates a very effective logbook. When you have finished your kayak trip, all logged data such as wind speed, temperature, length of trip, average speed, photos taken on your trip etc. are transferred to the KAYAKLOG website in your personal logbook
Print and share your kayak trips
Your personal logbook contains all your kayak trips, and it is possible to print a single log trip or a log for the entire season. This is very useful for instructors, who have to renew their certificate. You also have the opportunity to share your kayak trips with your friends on facebook.
Planning and safety
The app gives you the local weather forecast 24 hours ahead, which makes the planning of your trip easier and safer. When you are starting a kayak trip the current wind speed is shown, both as digits and color code. The color code helps you to decide whether it is safe to go kayaking.
KAYAKLOG has been recognized as a logbook of DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association) and the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association